Sing Me a Song with Social Significance

A specially-formed choir of art students perform 'Sing Me a Song with Social Significance', a hit song in the 1930s musical revue 'Pins and Needles', the first-and-only trade union Broadway hit. The song was reproduced in the Pioneer Songbook, a 1944 publication held in the Goldsmiths Library, published to celebrate the centenary of the world's first successful consumer cooperative, the Rochdale Pioneers. A set of drawings forms a fictional archive of the song's real-life origins.

'On the desperate and long neglected need for small events', LGP, Coventry
Group exhibition with a live performance of Sing me a Song with Social Significance performed by Coventry University undergraduate arts students
2 November - 9 December 2012

Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Degree Show, London
A programme of performances hosted on a Soapbox Stage, including covers of 'Sing me a Song with Social Significance' performed by The Pioneer Singers (Goldsmiths MFA students), The Strawberry Thieves socialist choir and three other bands and musicians: Panther Society, Laurence Carey and Macolm Benzie. Twelve drawings of secondary artefacts - souvenirs, commemorative items and library books - were framed on the opposite wall
8-12 July 2010


installation view
Photo: Michael Heilgemeir

Photo: Michael Heilgemeir


songs for cooperative women
Photo: Michael Heilgemeir

Image of drawing of rainbow rubber
Photo: Michael Heilgemeir

Photo: Michael Heilgemeir

laurence carey